January 2009 Issue 1
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 A Personal Note..

Dear Friend,     

Happy New Year!  As we ring in 2009, I am sure we are all only too happy to say good-bye to 2008.  Here's to brighter days ahead!

Looking back on 2008 it's easy now to point out all the things we should, or could, have done differently.  20/20 hindsight is wonderful after all!  But this really doesn't help us to move forward in a productive way.

It would be better to use this time to really reflect on all that happened in the past year, and use the lessons learned to improve our future.

On that note, I am providing all of you this month with a special report on the inner workings of many Wall St. firms.  It is called, "5 Reasons Why You Must Stop Working With Your Broker".  The information in this report took several months, and many rewrites, to pull together.  Read it carefully!   It will change the way you invest forever, if you take the valuable information it contains seriously.

Ironically, this report comes out at a time when you, the public, needs this info the most - Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme being a case in point.

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