Socially Responsible Investing, also known as socially conscious, “green” or ethical investing, goes a step further by actively eliminating investments based on specific ethical guidelines. For example, our portfolios will eliminate companies with exposure to alcohol, tobacco and hand guns.

ESG/SRI Dividend Growth Portfolio

At CAIM clients have the satisfaction of knowing their money is invested with companies that not only share their values, but are also role models for environmental and social stewardship. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Taking ESG factors into account when constructing portfolios may offer investors positive performance advantages.

Unlike many prepackaged socially responsible investment (SRI) solutions, CAIM’s portfolios are founded first and foremost on the financial quality of the companies we choose for client investments. Our proprietary screening process identifies firms that have strong balance sheets, pay a dividend and demonstrate the ability to increase that dividend over time.

We then utilize research from MSCI to further identify companies committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and their positive impact on society.

MSCI – Our Partner in ESG Research

Partnering with MSCI ESG Research provides us with in-depth research, ratings and analysis of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) business profile of thousands of companies worldwide. MSCI ESG Research offers a robust set of comprehensive ESG data, drawing on more than 40 years of experience. Some of the largest wealth managers and 47 of the top 50 global asset managers rely on MSCI ESG Research to enhance their investment-decision making.

MSCI ESG Research has a dedicated, in-house team of 170+ analysts who assess thousands of data points across 37 ESG issues covering more than 6,400 companies (11,800 total issuers, including subsidiaries) in more than 70 sectors. MSCI ESG Research data and ratings are used in the construction of over 700 equity and fixed-income MSCI ESG Indexes.

In the 2016 Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) survey, MSCI ESG Research led 13 out of 17 major categories, including “Best SRI Research” and “Best Corporate Governance” firm.

The end result is an investment portfolio with a proprietary blend of high quality financials and SRI/ESG components.


The table below shows common ESG factors taken into account – investments with good ESG scores drive returns, while poor scores may inhibit returns.

ESG White Paper

The  investment  management  industry  has  had  a  surge  of  interest  in the  concept  of  ESG investing.  This  has  been  driven by  individual  investor  desires  to incorporate  ‘responsible’ factors  of  Environmental  (E), Social  (S), and  Governance  (G)  into  their  investment decisions.

Download full report here: CAIM-ESG White Paper