Welcome to Manage The Markets With Catherine Avery
Do you often procrastinate when it comes to your finances
because  you don’t always like to deal with money?
Are you often afraid of losing money in the financial
 markets, but don’t know what to do about it?
Or maybe you question if your investments are really
the right ones for you!
Catherine Avery
In this brand new, bi-monthly newsletter I’ll help you address these kinds of concerns. My aim is to educate readers about issues that should be important to all individual investors. My ultimate aspiration is to clearly demonstrate the proper way to manage money.
What is Catherine Avery Investment Management (CAIM)?

I founded CAIM after 25+ years experience as a portfolio manager with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and EF Hutton.  CAIM is an investment management firm specializing in customized, fully diversified investment portfolios for private investors. Unlike many firms CAIM offers clients the opportunity of having direct access to their portfolio manager, and boasts all the plusses; personalized focus, flexibility, transparency, empathy and integrity and a low fee structure, that a unique, small firm can offer.
CAIM’s Principles

At CAIM I abide by three principles. These principles are critical in terms of the successful investment decisions and choices I make for my clients:
1. Focus on the long-term. Whatever your investment goals may be, I help you choose the options that will best fulfill them and, most importantly, unless the fundamentals of those investments change, stick with them.
2. Adjust your portfolio based on changing investment goals, NOT market changes or ‘hot’ stock performances.  As long as your investments meet your goals, I’ll stick with them. What I don’t do is chase performance – it can often lead to disaster.
3. Be disciplined: buy low and sell high.  This type of ‘smart rebalancing’ calls for the skill and patience of an experienced investment professional. I am a seasoned professional who has an almost instinctive feel for the market pulse. I can sense when prices are at a level that represent a genuine buying opportunity-a prospect that might be missed by a less experienced investor.
For those of you with questions, feel free to call me at 203.966.2721.  Also please visit my website at www.catherineaveryinvest.com and take a look at the Free Portfolio Evaluation!
Warm regards,
Catherine Avery

Today’s Case Study
I recently had someone approach me about signing up for a free portfolio evaluation. She had an account at a very large investment firm but was not happy.  Her financial advisor had prepared a new list of investments, and as I looked over what this other “professional” had prepared for her, I thought: “Not bad!”
Then I began my interviewing process with her, which I always do before making any recommendations to a client. I asked her, “Do you work?”  “What type of work do you do?” “What is your salary?” “Is this your dream job?” “How do you envision your life in the next 5-10 years?” “Are you married?” “Do you have children?” “How’s your health?”
When I got to this last question, there was a long pause on her part.  Then she wanted to know why I was asking all these questions.  I told her it was important for me to get to know her as a person, and her answers to these questions could, at any time, affect the cash flow in her life.
As it turned out this woman had faced several health issues over the past few years, and it posed a problem in her career.  The financial advisor, who had previously put a plan together for her, had never bothered to ask her any of these questions, and is still unaware of her health issues, marital status and job issues.  Needless to say, I reconstructed her portfolio. And now that she’s a client of CAIM, she’ll get all the personal attention she deserves!