Separately Managed Accounts for Wealth Managers

As a Financial Advisor, it is difficult to find asset managers who have success in creating and managing SMA’s for your clients.

At CAIM, we currently have over $130 MM in SMA’s through advisors like yourself, with a long track record of successful dividend-related performance. You can count on a disciplined investment process that you can easily communicate to your clients. A successful relationship between advisor and client depends on a mutual understanding and comfort of how their money is being managed. This helps your clients commit to long term investing and avoid chasing performance.

Our holdings are transparent to you, the Advisor, and we communicate our thinking on a regular basis. We encourage advisors to speak directly with us to discuss portfolio strategy and holdings. At CAIM we have partnered with third party firms such as Envestnet and Tamarac to provide the best possible infrastructure to meet our client’s needs.

CAIM Dividend Growth ESG Portfolio is available through the following:

  • Schwab Management Account Platform
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Emerge Capital Markets
  • Adhesion Wealth
  • SMArtX Advisory
  • Envestnet


Our team is led by Catherine Avery, who has over 30 years experience managing money for Financial Advisors and their clients via mutual funds and Separately Managed Accounts.

Catherine’s investment career and credentials are broad; she has worked for a number of leading investment firms in the U.S., including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Prudential Securities. Importantly, she also has vast portfolio management experience spanning a wide range of asset classes, is increasingly rare among typically more focused managers with less experience.

In establishing her own firm, Catherine has been dedicated to serving the needs of Financial Advisors and their clients. She understands the intricacies of managing money on a large scale and how to communicate with Financial Advisors.