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I am proud to announce that my article, 5 Things Women Need to Know to Manage Their Money, was featured on ThirdAge.com. (Click here to read article:



ThirdAge Inc. is a leading online lifestage media, marketing and consumer insight company exclusively focused on serving baby boomers. Through strategic partnerships and integrated advertising campaigns, we help companies build lasting relationships with our audience.


Over the last decade, ThirdAge.com has built a loyal and trusting community of individuals intent on living life to its fullest. They return to ThirdAge.com for content that is relevant and useful to their changing lives. ThirdAge.com provides informative and insightful content on topics that matter most: Health & Wellness, Family & Friends, Relationships & Sex, Money & Work, Beauty & Style and Travel & Pastimes. Roughly 4,000,000 unique visitors come to ThirdAge every month and close to 1,000,000 subscribers receive our customized newsletters each week.


ThirdAge has spent over a decade listening, learning and developing a trusted relationship with all its constituents. The company is committed to providing valuable content, products and services, now integrated with community forums and new tools, enabling ThirdAgers to easily connect and share with other like-minded people.
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