A Personal Note..

I wanted you to know about this great seminar series being offered by my friend, Caroline Temple. Caroline is a holistic psychotherapist, specializing in the emotional health and well-being of women. This series is designed to help you figure out why you procrastinate when it comes to money, why you may over spend or even over save! You will then learn all the tools to get you moving forward.

Please pass along this newsletter to friends and family to spread the word!
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Catherine Maniscalco Avery

CAIM specializes in creating and managing
customized and fully diversified investment portfolios
for private investors.
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This is a time to take charge, not a time to panic – an opportunity to pay attention and become informed!

Over the course of just five weeks you will:
Learn to make financial decisions from a place of knowledge, instead of fear, ignorance or habit.
Explore both inner and outer resistance to money.
Break away from the fantasy that Prince Charming is coming!
Utilize step-by-step tools that support and empower you to TAKE CHARGE of your financial health. There’s never been a better time!
Practice Extreme Self Care by making choices that honor your true self in every day life.
Workshop is based on the work of financial gurus, Barbara Stanny and Suze Orman

Five consecutive Monday evenings

7-8.15 pm, starting October 27

To sign up, call 203-866-9333 or email ctemple38@yahoo.com

Cost: $175.00 for all five sessions

Caroline Temple, LCSW, is a holistic psychotherapist ,specializing in the emotional health and well-being of women. Caroline incorporates traditional and spiritual approaches, Reiki and life coaching to offer women a safe, supportive partnership for inner healing and change. She received her MSW from Fordham University and has a successful private practice in Norwalk . Check out her website at www.mywisewoman.com or call her at 203-866-9333 for a consultation.

Suzanne Adam, CTACC, is a lifestyle coach who supports women in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their quality of life. Her philosophy is based on the practice of extreme self care and the realization that ones relationship with oneself is at the heart of a great career, loving relationships, true joy and a meaningful life. Suzanne supports each individual as they move to their center and reclaim their wise and wonderful Self. She can be reached at seadam@optonline.net or 203-296-2188.