Investment Principles

At CAIM, we bring professional investing philosophy to the every day investor. Why? Because most professional investors achieve better returns than the average person, particularly over the long term. That’s why CAIM believes the following principles are critical to successful investing:

Focus On The Long Term
We start by helping you define your investment goals. We then choose the investments we believe will best achieve your goals and, unless the fundamentals of those investments change, we stick with them.

Do Not Chase Performance
We do not jump on the “hot” investment ticket of the day because, unfortunately, by the time most investors make that jump, it’s too late—the investment has either peaked or could well be heading for a fall.

Be Disciplined: Buy Low And Sell High
This is what we call, “smart rebalancing”, and requires the skill and patience of a seasoned investment professional. CAIM brings more than two decades of market experience and discipline to bear; sometimes such instinct is what makes the difference between buying and selling at an inappropriate time.

Defined as “a cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal,” partnership is one of the most important areas on which CAIM focuses. Setting and meeting client-specific goals is not only our priority, but joint achievement is something we genuinely enjoy. We look forward to partnering with our clients actively.