“Manage the Markets”

by Catherine Avery

Happy Friday!

I think it’s time we start to put the gloom and doom behind us.  This newsletter gives some positive ideas of how to make the best of our current environment and really focus on things that have impact and meaning on our everyday lives.

Have a great weekend!

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Catherine Maniscalco Avery

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Let’s take a break from all the do’s, don’ts and serious topics of our last few newsletters and focus on something more positive: Investing in yourself!   This newsletter is all about what you can do for YOU! 

Our economic downturn is a golden opportunity to step back, take stock of your situation and begin to reflect on what matters to you in life.  Is it really all the stuff you can buy?  Are you going to remember all those expensive dinners out 10 years from now?  Will another pair of expensive shoes help you in the larger scheme of things?  And, let’s face it, the kids already have more than enough toys!


A fulfilled life is made up of rich human interactions and experiences – things that money often cannot buy.  Investing in yourself means discovering what really gives meaning to your life.


As you isolate your priorities the answers you come up with may surprise you!  Each person’s idea of what matters may vary but here are a few ideas that may work.


While we should all be mindful of not increasing our debt and spending frivolously, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend at all!  Once you’ve come to a better understanding of what’s really important to you and your family you’ll find it much easier to start spending wisely!  And in those places where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck!
Family Vacations 
Trips are #1 in my book!  What if you took the money you would normally spend on eating out (for example) and started saving it towards a great trip with your family? 

Just last year we all went to Bermuda as a family.  To this day my boys still talk about that trip and continually ask when we can go back!  They just had such a good time.  Experiences like that are priceless and offer memories that last a lifetime!

Lifetime Purchases

A lot of women like to spend their hard earned money on clothes. What if instead of buying 5 pairs of new jeans you purchased just one classic jacket that would last forever?
Eating with Friends
Instead of going out to dinner 3-4 nights a week what if you saved up by eating at home and only went out to one really super dinner!  Or better yet, why not throw a dinner party with some of your closest friends and make it potluck so that everybody contributes!  It’s a GREAT way to make new friends, network and share the warmth and deliciousness of home cooking without breaking the bank! 

Time with your Children
Most parents understand that spending time with our children is what we love best!  So maybe it’s time to cut back on all those expensive extracurricular activities for the kids (or at least whittle them down to a reasonable number.)  Instead, take them ice skating or just play with them in the park or at the beach.   That’s what matters to kids – time with YOU.  And it’s what you’ll all look back on and treasure when they’re all grown up and moved away!


These are the human experiences that don’t cost an arm and a leg and can enrich and enhance your experience of life!   It’s an investment in you and yours!

See you in two weeks with more updates and news!