We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of our brand new website at www.caimllc.com

After almost three years in business CAIM, LLC has grown and over the years taken shape to become the company it is today.  This new site more accurately reflects our background and expertise, as well as the new direction and focus of the firm.

CAIM’s Focus:

     1.     Dividends.  Our clients are conservative investors who value a classic, long-term investment philosophy focusing on dividend paying stocks.
2.    Baby Boomers.  This demographic stands to lose much needed savings and wealth if not invested properly. Income as well as staying ahead of inflation are important goals.
3.     Women.  Women are quickly surpassing men as the most affluent demographic in the United States.  The right investment strategy combined with a financial advisor who takes the time to understand the issues and provide hands on advice, is the key for any modern woman.
4.     Partnering with Financial Advisors.  We work very closely with advisors to manage their client’s portfolios focused on growth and income.  Our portfolios are available through the Schwab Managed Account Platform.
Two More Important Announcements:
CAIM’s blog is now accessible through the new website             Catherine Avery’s email is now cavery@caimllc.com

We invite you all to check out the new site as well as our blog.

Warm regards,


Catherine Maniscalco Avery

CAIM specializes in creating and managing
customized and fully diversified investment
portfolios for private investors.
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For those of you with questions, feel free to call me at 203.966.2712 or visit www.caimllc.com

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