Brian O’Connell

Independent Consultant

Mr. O’Connell brings 30 years of industry experience to his role as an Independent Consultant / Investor Relations at Hansberger Growth Investors. An experienced and highly successful institutional sales executive and consultant relations expert, Mr. O’Connell has been involved in all principal facets of an investment firm, including business development, client servicing, consultant relations, product development, management and strategic planning. Prior to joining Hansberger Growth Investors, Mr. O’Connell was a Founding Partner / Investor Relations at Post Crossing Asset Management, an emerging and MWBE investment firm. Mr. O’Connell successfully assisted in the firm’s merger with KLS Diversified Asset Management. Prior to this Mr. O’Connell was Vice President of institutional sales and consultant relations at Cole Rea Estate. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Client Development/Investor Relations at DDJ Capital Management. Previously, Mr. O’Connell spent 10 years as a senior consultant with CRA Rogerscasey Consulting, where he managed an eight-person team that advised U.S. and Canadian investment management firms and plan sponsors.