Investment Focus

CAIM’s mission is to meet long-term investment goals by creating dividend yielding portfolios with low volatility, specifically for Baby Boomers and women. The entire investment portfolio is researched, monitored and actively managed by Catherine Maniscalco Avery and her team. Depending on the size of the portfolio and how CAIM’s expertise fits into a particular client’s diversification strategy, CAIM will customize a portfolio based on value dividend investing.

When choosing individual stocks for an investment portfolio, we focus on equities with the potential to increase dividends in the future. In general, these companies have favorable balance sheets and above average levels of cash flow per share. We buy them when we believe they are trading at a discount to their future value and sell them when they are overvalued or management is unable to achieve its goals.

Investing in companies that the pay helps to meet the financial goals of many clients:

For Retirees That Need To Supplement Income
Dividends provide an extra income stream.

For Those Focused On Maximizing Long-Term Growth
Dividends can “get you paid while you wait,” because it can take time for the market to realize value in specific companies.

For Conservative Investors
Dividends provide a cushion for investment portfolios in down markets.

For Women
Dividend stock portfolios can meet the needs of those investors with low risk tolerance while also providing income generation when you need it most.

For Baby Boomers
Dividend stocks can provide both growth and income for appropriately diversified investment portfolios.

Once a client’s portfolio is established, we use “smart rebalancing” to monitor the portfolio. By moving from our over-weighted positions to underweighted positions we are staying ahead of the trends—and our smaller more agile capabilities provide the ability to change portfolio positions in a way that larger investment managers cannot.

Overall, our goal is to provide our clients with consistent returns over the long term, rather than chasing market performance up (or down) in any one year. The markets are not always rational; they are often filled with emotion. For any investor to be successful, we believe long-term commitment is necessary.